Kandelab 102 Notated Haitian Folk and Vodou songs


De Georges Vilson

Langue : Créole

135 Pages

Éditeur : Fondation Connaissance & Liberté

Code : 708

Kandelab: 102 Notated Haitian Folk and Vodou Songs offers the transcribed and notated renditions of songs from Haiti’s musical traditions. Music is considered a universal language, and each culture contributes to its vocabulary and its syntax. This book documents for posterity 102 songs from Haiti’s rich repertoire ranging from sacred hymns, to folk and rara songs. Unlike its predecessor, Kandelab 101, which featured popular pieces, this book focuses instead on lesser known Vodou songs like Adoum Gidi Gidi and folktales from the Central Plateau such as Malvwazen. An accompanying 4CD box set(sold separately) includes a melodic rendition on piano as well as a reference version performed by the author, Georges Vilson, to the rhythm of three traditional drummers. Kandelab: 102 Notated Haitian Folk and Vodou Songs will quickly become an invaluable resource for musical education and a tool for the preservation of Haiti’s culture. All those who have dedicated themselves to the advancement of Haitian culture and those wishing to learn more about Haiti will welcome the publication of this musical anthology.

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